Quarter Life Crisis

by Clark Jaman

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Sit down, listen Lean your, ear in As beauty's born of murmuring sounds As mountain streams dance wayward rounds It's so elegant You're so intelligent Before I share all of my dreams Look in the mirror, see what they mean Maybe I found A heart to settle down Ooooohhhh... I sing and the stars dance below me They will catch me when I fall My faith's in the fire that consumes me Cause we are only bones whose flesh will melt Black and white wrong or right Don't mean much when the end's in sight Days/words are driven You are forgiven The flowers enjoy each breath they draw And I'm left wondering what went wrong Words will fall short So dissect my heart The dusk and the dawn focus freely Leaving nothing in between Like smoke up the shaft you blew through me Could you catch me if I ran Ohhh these days are cold For lonely arms with not a one to hold But it's the fuel for a muse whispering gently in my ear Heaven's sounds
Trudy I’ll Wait For You There's a hush in the air Like a finger raised These words I've prepared I'll never say Cause thoughts lose their fragrance on the tip of my tongue, But I think you might listen if you heard them sung So I'll wait for you Turn your ears south I'll turn mine north This song in my mouth Will echo forth This man I've become, this man that you see Is ashamed of the boy that he used to be But you've always known me and you always will So lean down and listen from your windowsill Singing I’ll wait for you I am a friend That thirsts for you It's fun to pretend But let's face the truth I've always loved you and I always will My heartstrings are trembling refusing to still If I get to heaven ahead of you I'll dig a hole, and I'll pull you through Cause it wouldn't be heaven without you at my side So dig in your heels come along for the ride I'll wait for you...
First time I saw you at your show You were singing a love song I didn't know Red shirt bare feet with your hair in braids Singing your heart out up on stage And I knew, I knew this would be love That night I saw you with new eyes Like stargazing unfamiliar skies The whole galaxy staring back at me Baby stars burning where your eyes would be And I knew, I knew this would be love Cause there are things in this world that I don't understand Like war, taxes, government and the lay of the land But all of these remain mysteries But one thing is for sure - you are worth waiting for I dreamt I saw you at your barn dance I feared it might be my last chance So I grabbed your hand and I spun you 'round You spun so fast that my heart unwound And I knew, I knew this would be love So guard your heart and keep it strong It's what you've been doing all along And when you're ready I won't be too far away I'll come running at the speed of sound Sweep your feet up off the ground And I'll show you how two hearts can beat as one You turned to me with a tear in your cheek Said "let it happen if it's meant to be" I remember everything about that night But I can't remember saying goodbye Ever since I saw you at your show I've been learning the love song that you know


released September 12, 2014

JungleHeart Productions




JungleHeart Productions Saskatchewan

JungleHeart Productions is a small music production company run by Clark Jaman.

JungleHeart's mission is to build the Kingdom of God by proper use of media and communication technologies within the Catholic Church. We provide quality music, audio and video production to artists who are inspired by Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

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