Autotune Church

by JungleHeart Productions

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released October 29, 2012




JungleHeart Productions Saskatchewan

JungleHeart Productions is a small music production company run by Clark Jaman.

JungleHeart's mission is to build the Kingdom of God by proper use of media and communication technologies within the Catholic Church. We provide quality music, audio and video production to artists who are inspired by Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

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Track Name: Pope John Paul II - John Paul II Sings Dynamite
Authentic love and true freedom are in Jesus Christ
To be full of hope and joy, give of yourself to others

We love you, we love you, we love you
Perhaps I love you more

To all of you I offer peace and joy of Jesus Christ
You are redeemed by Him and taken up in His love
If the Son frees you, you'll be free indeed
He's the way the truth and the life indeed

It's only God God
God made man in Jesus Christ
Know what you think about yourselves
Search for the meaning of your life

That He alone can fill your hearts
You are truly free
You are made truly free in Him
Truly free in Him
free in Him

Materialistic concerns and one sided values
Are never sufficient to fill the heart
Track Name: Thrift Shop- Pope Francis' Election
Take us inside the Cistine Chapel
To that moment when there was a new Pope

we could see it coming
as the votes were slowly tallied
I shouldn't say that
it's Lent

the whole identity of Jorge Bergolio changed
but we got a new Pope!
I'm grateful to God for the grace that he gave us
and I'm grateful we got a new Pope!

wonderfully inspirational
down to earth as possible
his staunch defence of the faith
is tempered by his pastoral instincts

if you had told us we'd have a Jesuit Francis
I would have poured a drink and laughed

he has everything
he's a very warm, humble
friendly, un-pretentious gentleman
Track Name: Mother Angelica Sings Hey Ya
Do not let your heart be troubled
No matter what happens, trust in God
God wants you to be with Him
That you and I should never be afraid
You gotta change the life you're living
To know and love and serve Jesus more
You wanna play Russian Roulette
I have no doubt that you'll blow your brains out

Jesus loves you x4

With all the trials and all the tribulations
Let us look at Jesus and say thank you Lord
I have a treasure in this present moment
Grace and opportunity to love and serve
The one who always was and is and will be
Came down, He came down, He came down…
Down for love of me
You can't imagine, no you can't imagine
Such awesomeness and beauty
But neither can you forget it
Track Name: Blessed James Alberione - What Makes You Beautiful
The Word of God will endure
The Divine Master lives in the Church

Many souls hungry for light
Have found God in front of a painting

The broadcasting studio is our church
The screen, the machine our pulpit

We need to put down the scissors of censorship
And pick up the camera and microphone
We need to speak in the language of our own time
Because God is so… God is so beautiful

Alberione taught history
With a view to impact the future

He embraced artists and writers
Who used media to uplift the human spirit
Track Name: Pope Francis - Golden Rule
As Christians you are called to make a home for Jesus in your heart
Safeguard the rights of individuals
Reject injustice and discrimination

We are living at a critical moment
We must rise from our slumber

Let us remember the golden rule
Do unto others as you have them do unto you

This rule point us in a clear direction
If we want life, let us give life
The yard stick we use for others